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Eastside Coffee Operators, LLC (ECO) operates and manages licensed Starbucks® cafes. Our mission is to provide a quality experience for all customers with the best atmosphere and service possible. We strive to provide our employees an opportunity to have the best quality of life for themselves and their families. We take pride in creating a positive moment with every person we engage with daily. Our objective for ECO is to uphold the Starbucks brand and provide customers the handcrafted beverages, great tasting food items and delectable treats they love.

ECO formed in January of 2018 when Nathan and Bonnie Shea, owners of Urban Crust, Urban Rio and Urban Seafood Co. decided to broaden their restaurant experience. A short period after the launch of ECO Hunter Holt was hired by the Shea Family to manage this wonderful family owned and operated company. Hunter comes from a near decade of experience in the hospitality industry where he managed large trade shows and conventions across the world in both operations and sales roles. Family owned companies and the successful entrepreneurial spirit has been prevalent in both the Shea and Holt families for many generations.


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